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It does not matter what business you are in, when you come to us you are at the right place. We will guide you through the implementation of your visions and we will measure their potential.

We provide reliable information based on proven methodology and our own brand of tools. For our clients we conduct marketing research, opinion polls using both qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Our consulting capitalizes on the synergy of experienced statisticians, sociologists, psychologists and marketers but also talented students or graduates that we continually develop. ppm factum research s.r.o. team leans on theoretical knowledge and many years of experience.

The purpose and sense of our effort is to help you see things in a proper perspective. The core of our work is in projects where we create solutions that are tailor made for your specific requirements. We process all data analyses in the Czech Republic. The work we present is a result of our own creation.

Turn to us whenever you need to:

  • Find opinions and ideas of people or consumers on the topics that interest you.
  • Get inspired by people´s or consumer´s responses without being overwhelmed by the individuals that are the loudest.
  • Estimate your market potential so that your business plan is built on a strong foundation.
  • Verify if your people act in accordance with the intentions of your company but you want to perform this task by remaining invisible and impartial.
  • Obtain credible source materials that will withstand the scrutiny of experts, journalists, institutions and lawyers.

Facts about ppm factum research s.r.o.

  • ppm factum research (formerly known as Factum Invenio) has been continually developing since 1991
  • we are 100% Czech owned joined-stock company
  • we have a strong and stable financial background
  • we use a reliable and modern IT infrastructure
  • we are licensed for all services we offer

ppm factum mindset principles

  • we respond to our clients´ needs
  • we listen to their suggestions
  • we meet their expectations
  • we innovate processes
  • we suggest ideas
  • we come with solutions
  • we increase efficiencies
  • we implement the latest methodology
  • we reduce our clients´ costs
  • we find optimal solutions


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