08. 03. 2019

Care for elderly relatives in the Czech Republic has a long tradition, but it remains undervalued

The fact that many of us devote time and attention to our grandmothers and grandparents and help…
24. 05. 2018


On 25 May 2018 the new regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European parliament and of the Council on…
16. 03. 2018

Czechs & Oral Care and Hygiene

On the occasion of the World Oral Health Day, celebrated every year on 20 March, ppm factum market…
15. 02. 2018

Czechs and Advertising in 2018 – recent survey results

In the Press Center of the City of Prague, on February 15, 2018 a press conference
21. 08. 2017

Generations Y & Z do Internet shopping differently

Before the summer holidays, ppm factum conducted a survey on shopping habits for RetailTrek.
23. 02. 2017

Is it acceptable for women in CZ to drink beer at the ball?

Ball season is just culminating. Recently ppm factum conducted for Pilsner Urquell a representative…
19. 12. 2016

PF 2017

Season´s Greetings!
19. 10. 2016

ppm factum is deeply committed to quality education provided to intellectually gifted children in the Czech Republic

The company ppm factum research supports Qiido Endowment Fund, which is dedicated to the promotion…
14. 10. 2016

ppm factum research contributes to teaching students of the University of Economics in Prague

ppm factum research is for several years working with the University of Economics in teaching…
12. 10. 2016

Our research quality standards are fully complied with again

We have recently received a "Certificate of achievement during the inspection" from SIMAR (the…
22. 09. 2016

I will take care of my old parents, says most Czechs

Attitude of the Czech public documents the recent research conducted by ppm factum research for…
26. 08. 2016

Which ills of draft beer in the Czech Republic are the most common found the recent ppm factum survey conducted for Gambrinus

If you want to learn a little more, read the article published in the newspaper Metro.
30. 06. 2016

ppm factum research division celebrates 25 years

25 years ago, on July 1st, 1991, the brand Factum was founded.
01. 04. 2016

Equal result for ANO and CSSD in March, 2016

If parliamentary elections were held now, six parties would enter the Chamber of Deputies: CSSD …
15. 03. 2016

Internet advertising growth has slowed down

Internet advertising growth has slowed down in the Czech Republic last year. And in ppm factum we…
09. 03. 2016


ppm factum research in January 2016 in collaboration with partners conducted a quantitative survey …
26. 01. 2016

SIMAR membership

After mutual agreement ppm factum research terminated its membership in The Association of Agencies…
22. 10. 2015

We do not go to the pharmacy only for medicine

We do not go to the pharmacy only for medicine - it showed a recent representative survey conducted…
06. 10. 2015

ANO is in the lead again

If parliamentary elections were held now, seven parties would enter the Chamber of Deputies.
03. 09. 2015

Who should run for president

Miloš Zeman will obtain votes from one third of eligible voters if he runs for president in future…
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