02. 09. 2015

President Zeman at halftime

Miloš Zeman managed to point at the most acute problems of the Czech Republic, to concern with…
26. 08. 2015

ANO and CSSD have equal chance to win the elections now

If parliamentary elections were held now, six parties would enter the Chamber of Deputies.
16. 06. 2015

Czechs are willing to admit tight personal finances

All around the English speaking world people usually answer the question “How are you?“ with simple…
16. 06. 2015

Shelf Planning Tool: Ideal shelf tool according to the customers

Do you sometimes feel that you are standing in front of the shelf for ages until you find the item…
15. 06. 2015

Competition escalates for the Czech fuel customer this year

The MOL company is entering the Czech market becoming the second largest player in the gas stations…
18. 05. 2015

UNICEF – ppm factum donates money to help children in Nepal

As part of the spontaneous initiative, employees of ppm factum organized a fundraiser to help Nepal…
02. 04. 2015

ANO lost since February but still would win the elections

If parliamentary elections were held now, six parties would enter the Chamber of Deputies: ANO (21…
24. 03. 2015

Representative survey for Zentiva company

ppm factum conducted representative survey for Zentiva company (Sanofi Group member) focused on…
09. 03. 2015

If you are interested in, what hinders business professionals and operators of pharmacies, research organized by ppm factum provides the answers

You can read the article on the research conducted in the Czech pharmacies. It was published in…
05. 03. 2015

ANO strengthens, would win a quarter of the votes

If elections to the Chamber of Deputies were held now, six parties would enter the Chamber of…
25. 02. 2015

ppm factum research division succeeded at independent SIMAR association control for the fourth time in a row

ppm factum research team has recently received SIMAR association certificate which testifies…
01. 12. 2014

ppm factum research has joined 7 companies which offer clients FocusVision in the Czech Republic

FocusVision is a solution which affords clients to watch Focus Groups at real time from any place…
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