ANO strengthens, would win a quarter of the votes

05. 03. 2015

If elections to the Chamber of Deputies were held now, six parties would enter the Chamber of Deputies: ANO (26 %), CSSD (Social Democrats – 21 %), KSCM (Communists – 15,6 %), TOP 09/Mayors and Independents (8,3 %), ODS (6,8 %) and KDU-CSL (Christian Democrats – 5,3 %). The government coalition would gain a constitutional majority in the Chamber and the ANO movement, which has the highest support from last elections, would strengthen its position. Unlike the January survey, Úsvit přímé demokracie (Dawn of Direct Democracy) wouldn’t defend its mandates now (4,9 %).

At the turn of February and March, elections would be attended by 51 % of eligible voters. Willingness to go to vote is, since elections in 2013 (which were attended by 59.5% of eligible voters), consistently lower, still moves around half of eligible voters.

Personal interviews took place since February, 20, to March, 2, 2015, on a representative sample of 1,012 Czech citizens aged 18 +, obtained by quota sampling.