Equal result for ANO and CSSD in March, 2016

01. 04. 2016

If parliamentary elections were held now, six parties would enter the Chamber of Deputies: CSSD (Social Democrats – 20,0 %),  ANO (19,9 %), KSCM (Communists – 14,9 %), TOP 09 (10,1 %), KDU-CSL (Christian Democrats – 8,2 %) and ODS (7,0 %). ANO lost nearly 2 per cent points since last poll in September, 2015. The current government coalition (CSSD+ANO+KDU-CSL) would gain a constitutional majority. A fifth of the votes would be obtained by entities that would not exceed the threshold of the Chamber.
At the end of March, elections would be attended by 53 % of eligible voters. Willingness to go to vote has a little increased since last year.
Personal interviews took place since March, 17, to 29, 2016, on a representative sample of 1016 Czech citizens aged 18+, selected by quota sampling.

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