Generations Y & Z do Internet shopping differently

21. 08. 2017

Before the summer holidays, ppm factum conducted a survey on shopping habits for RetailTrek. In total, we interviewed 2.5 thousand respondents aged 15 to 71.
This new study has confirmed that the youngest generation Z (people born after 2000) is the most active on the Internet and mobile devices. However, the generation spending the most money online is the generation Y (people born between 1980 and 1999). Its members have enough money and at the same time, lack of time for shopping.  The generation Z is more likely to find products on the Internet, examine them carefully and verify their price, but end up shopping at regular stores, which offer the products at still affordable prices. Paying for shipping and waiting for delivery (when they can have it right away from the store) seems as pure nonsense to these “Z” consumers.
Internet is a plentifully used sales channel even in the older age spectrum. It offers the benefits of a wide range of products, a clear comparison of their parameters, and also the image has a more favourable pricing policy. However, the generation of the so-called “Husak's Children" born in the 70's didn't experience the Internet and the online environment in their childhood, so they are less intuitive in this world, and more prudent. For the oldest customers, the post-war generation, online shopping also brings a certain amount of undesirable adrenaline and stress: “What if my card will be charged twice?", “What if the products need to be exchanged?" etc. It is not surprising that the generation of today's grandfathers and grandmothers does not browse the online world with a virtual shopping cart every day.
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