ppm factum is deeply committed to quality education provided to intellectually gifted children in the Czech Republic

19. 10. 2016

The company ppm factum research supports Qiido Endowment Fund, which is dedicated to the promotion of education provided to exceptionally intellectually gifted children.
In the past year has ppm factum conducted research in the general population, which examined the attitudes of Czechs towards exceptionally intellectually gifted children, how they are perceived by society and what needs they have according to the Czech public. In this research we have discovered, among other things, that "up to 65% of the population believes that intellectually gifted children need specific support at primary and secondary school education - in the form of an individual education plan and expanding, extended textbooks content".
This summer we have been involved in the consultative role in another project for Qiido conducted by Donath Business & Media. It was addressing the elementary schools directors from the entire country. “96% of the directors have  confirmed the previous outcome of the investigation and, in addition, 74% of them sees in education of the  exceptionally intellectually gifted pupils also clear benefit for their school”.  The results also showed that schools need to have a deeper experience in the identification of these students, in obtaining enriching materials and in training of teachers in methods and forms of teaching and communicating with these pupils.
Support for training and development of intellectually gifted children is beneficial for our entire country and ppm factum research is proud of providing expert consultation and a guarantee of Qiido fund research projects.
Miriam Janyšková, founder and Quiido Chairman of the Board, states: "Because we are interested in attitudes of professional and lay public, we strive to obtain comprehensive knowledge of the issues for intellectual talent, we have chosen a quality partner that will give us a credible and clear numbers - ppm factum research. They are experts in their field, reliable and quick in response, but also friendly and easy-going during our discussions."
And we wish Qiido good luck! More information about its work can be found on http://www.qiido.cz/.


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Ing. Miriam Janyšková
Qiido, Chairman of the Board