We determine the needs of finance companies clients; analyze the financial products potential. We conduct various tests, monitor the market, follow trends and analyze behavior of banks´ clients. We see to it that you offer your clients the products and services they need. Among our clients there are major companies in the finance market i.e., insurance companies, banks, retirement funds, investment companies and building societies.

We watch for you:

  • Awareness and usage of brand: What is the brand´s position in the competitive environment?
  • Image: How is the brand perceived in the financial market? How are the other brands performing?
  • Target group: What is the potential of individual target groups? How do they needs differ?
  • Communication: How to appeal to a particular consumer target group? Does a customer understand what you are saying about your product?
  • Loyalty: What affects customer loyalty? How can it be efficiently strengthened? How are you doing in comparison with other players in the market?
  • Satisfaction: What are the key factors in customer satisfaction? What should be communicated? What are the priority issues that need to be addressed?
  • Reputation: What is the reputation of your brand?
  • Market potential: Does a new product have a chance to succeed in the market? What are the other market opportunities? Does the product offer meet the customer needs?
  • Communications concept testing: Do you need to test advertising materials or concepts? Does your advertising appeal to the intended target group? Do customers understand the meaning of your claim? Does it motivate them to use your services?
  • Price testing: What fee structure and price parameters are acceptable for your customers?
  • Product testing: Do product parameters meet customer needs? How to optimize products or services before they are launched into the market?
  • Mystery shopping: Do your employees act in accordance with the standards? Is the behavior of your intermediaries correct during the selling process? Are you keeping up with the competition?
  • Employee satisfaction:  What is the climate within your company? To what extent are your employees satisfied and motivated? How to strengthen the employee’s relationship with you as their employer?

The sources of our data are not just banks, other financial institutions and their clients but also employees in various levels of management and the general population.

Clients´ opinions

Darek Pikálek Senior Marketing Research Analyst GE Money Bank

We have been cooperating with ppm factum research for many years. We gladly use their services for non-routine tasks where it is necessary to come up with creative ideas about what to ask and how to ask it. We highly value their experience and especially appreciate how keen they are to contemplate over both the questionnaire and the results.