Health care

Obtain valuable information. Discover what influences physicians when they prescribe a particular drug, also what influences patients in their choice of OTC products and how they respond to new products. Our healthcare research covers all involved parties: patients, physicians and pharmacists. We deliver solutions to leading international pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturers of medical devices and materials. We cooperate with multinational market research companies that focus exclusively on healthcare market research and we also cover the region of Central Europe for them.

What you need to know:

  • Awareness and position of brands in the market: How are the brands perceived in comparison with the competition?
  • Segmentation studies: What are the customer target groups and what is their potential?
  • Satisfaction and loyalty: What affects satisfaction with selected products in the market and the loyalty towards them? Differences in perceptions of satisfaction and loyalty between the physicians and patients?
  • Studies on usage and recommendations: How do physicians use and recommend specific OTC and Rproducts?
  • Product testing: How to optimize products before they are launched into the market? What name or package is the best for certain product?
  • Communications concept testing: Do you need to test advertising materials or concepts? Does your advertising appeal to the right target group? Do customers understand the meaning of your claim?
  • Campaign evaluation: How successful is a certain campaign?
  • Mystery shopping: Which products do pharmacists recommend and how do they recommend them?

Clients´ opinions

Agnieszka Górnicka CEO Inquiry sp. z o.o., Warszawa

Hereby I would like to thank ppm factum for several years of cooperation in a number of qualitative and quantitative projects, where we acted both as a client and supplier. I can recommend ppm factum’s fieldwork management services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with full responsibility. Ppm is a reliable partner, providing us with additional support and market insights when needed. In particular, we were very happy with ppm factum’s work in the area of healthcare and shopper research.