ICT & industry

The marketplace of industry and ICT technologies is changing constantly. Therefore, for our clients, we conduct numerous surveys to find out how are the brands and products in the information technologies and industry sectors performing, who are their customers and what are their customers´ preferences.

We conduct surveys for companies from numerous sectors like information technologies, telecommunications, the car industry, energy, utility, construction, engineering and the chemical industry.

In B2B area we help to analyze not only specific products and services but we also map and optimize deliveries of complex customer solutions and investment units.

Within surveys in ICT and industry sectors we monitor for you:

  • Awareness and usage of brand: What is your brand´s position in the competitive environment?
  • Image: What do customers consider to be the strengths / weaknesses of your company, products and services?
  • Segmentation of customers: What are the true needs and the motivations of your clients and the competition’s clients?
  • Loyalty: What affects customer loyalty? How can it be efficiently strengthened? How are you doing in comparison with other players in the market?
  • Satisfaction: What is a key factor in customer satisfaction? What should be communicated? What are the priority issues that need to be addressed?
  • Market potential: What are the other opportunities and how to identify potential clients?
  • Communication: How to appeal to a particular consumer target group? Does a customer understand what you are saying about your product?
  • Advertising testing: How to correctly develop and implement your marketing communication? Do you need to test your advertising materials or concepts?
  • Price testing: What financial parameters are acceptable for your customers?
  • Mystery shopping and price monitoring: Do your employees act in accordance with the standards? Are you keeping up with your competitors? What are the real (undisclosed) prices of your competitors?
  • Product testing: How to optimize a product or a service before it is launched into the market? What potential does a new product or a service have?
  • Employee satisfaction:  What is the climate in your company? To what extent are your employees satisfied and motivated? How to strengthen the employees´ relationship with you as their employer?


Clients´ opinions

Hana Karbulová Škoda Auto

Our inquiries are usually conducted in several markets at the same time. We look for a supplier that can handle the project precisely, reliably and for a competitive price. ppm factum team repeatedly succeeded in our tenders. They handle the coordination of international research on a professional level.

Kateřina Látalová Legal and Public Affairs Manager Edenred

Edenred has been cooperating with ppm factum, mainly in research, for several years. In cooperation with ppm factum I always highly valued their flexibility, professionalism and equally as well, their individual approach to every assignment. The presentation skills of ppm factum consultants are magnificent!

Ondřej Novák Market Researcher LMC

In our long-term cooperation with ppm factum I value the genuine effort to understand the issues of our sector and their readiness to provide services that fall beyond just the research. I very much appreciate their open and frank attitude and their ability to always offer us the most suitable solution.