Public opinion

We take care of all necessities. We obtain valuable information about what people think and what their opinions are. No important decision affecting the entire population can be made without information from people within communities concerning their attitudes, opinions and preferences. Experienced ppm factum research team knows the answers; we provide complete service in the area of sociological research.

Your interests:

  • Public opinion: What is the public´s attitude towards various institutions?
  • Social surveys: What are the minorities´ needs?
  • Tourism: How satisfied are tourists with the services?
  • Surveys for regional and local administrations: How satisfied are the citizens with public administration?
  • Transport surveys: What are the key issues of public transport in certain region?
  • Communication surveys: What is the image of an institution? How do information needs of various target groups differ?
  • Political surveys: Who will win the elections? How to win a voter?

We conduct surveys by inquiring the general population of the CR, minority groups (foreigners, inhabitants of socially excluded localities…), visitors, citizens of towns, municipalities, clients of institutions and the elite.

Clients´ opinions

Bc. Soňa Machová Head of Marketing Research Department ČCCR - CzechTourism

With ppm factum I cooperated in several projects. Both processing of the data and communication with ppm factum were always without any issues. We have been using the results of the archetypal segmentation of European tourists in our work ever since.

Danica Schebelle Project Coordinator Research Institute for Labor and Social Affairs, Public Research Institution

It is a pleasure for me to express my appreciation for the professional and also accommodating attitude of ppm factum staff. The research tasks within our project focused on field data collection on foreigners. All staff´s members behavior was always correct and they were very flexible in responding to our requests. We efficiently cooperated on several successful projects. I especially appreciate that both me and my implementation team could fully rely on the cooperation of the ppm factum staff.

PhDr. Kazimír Večerka, CSc. Team Leader of crime and youth crime prevention in IKSP Institute for Criminology and Social Prevention (IKSP)

The Institute for Criminology and Social Prevention used the services of ppm factum several times. In the last two years ppm factum research conducted two relatively challenging survey projects for our Institute. We were satisfied with the results of their work in both cases. Their work is professional, their network of interviewers is well organized and controlled, they are flexible during the processing of the data. The obtained data were delivered in the form of data files which made them easy to use in analyses for purposes of our Institute´s further scientific activities.