Qualitative research

What is qualitative research? It is a method that enables quick insight into the issues and helps to reveal authentically the opinions and needs of people. Qualitative research offers quick and clean collection of information, and thanks to audio or video recordings we do not lose a single statement or contribution of a particular respondent. Based on qualitative research we reveal opportunities, risks and other approaches related to the issues.

In qualitative ad hoc research we specialize in both individual inquiry as well as focus groups. No question will remain unanswered. We use many special techniques tailor made for a given task (e.g. ethnography, on-line surveys, and multisensory marketing research).

Focus Groups

  • Focus Groups make it possible to collect large amount of information in a relatively short period of time.
  • We use group dynamics and interactions between the participants which give us answers that would otherwise remain undiscovered.
  • Experienced moderators guide the focus groups and subsequently they analyze and interpret data.
  • We offer a wide range of focus group forms including special approaches and techniques that are open for inspirational ideas and creativity. The choice of the right technique depends on the needs of the specific research.

In-depth Interviews

  • In-depth interviews are usually conducted individually and they enable an intensive interaction between moderator and respondent. There is enough space for the respondent to express a subjective opinion which makes it possible for us to reach deeper into attitudes, emotions and needs, as well as reveal new topics.
  • They are suitable for exploring sensitive topics or for inquiring difficult target groups.
  • Inquiring is always adapted according to the specific research requirements, it can be conducted personally, by telephone, individually, in couples, at home, in the field etc.


  • It explores the issue in the context of the target group´s natural environment in the form of a participant observation (e.g. at home when cleaning, cooking, in store when shopping, using products, during sport or leisure activities).
  • Ethnography is usually documented by photos, video recordings or consumer diary. Inquiring of respondents is an indispensable part of ethnography research because it makes a deeper understanding of the motivations, needs and opinions possible.

Multisensory research / Neuromarketing

  • Apart from information collected during an interview with respondents and observations of their (also unconscious) reactions and expressions, sometimes it pays to measure exactly the physiological reactions of the human body to stimuli. They show exactly when something important takes place in the respondent´s mind. Our device is similar to a polygraph and it is called EMMA.
  • EMMA helps to map emotions. EMMA is a solution that includes measuring equipment, special software and a professional operator. Our EMMA operator makes the measurements in combination with the inquiries and also is the author of the analysis. We interpret technical recordings of the measurements into comprehensive messages and applicable recommendations.

Target groups

  • We focus on a wide range of respondents from B2C (business to consumer), B2B (business to business) and from the expert community.
  • V If you decide to conduct a research in Prague, we offer our studio and facilities to our clients. From the clients´ room it is possible to directly watch Focus Groups and In-depths, either through one way mirror or on a monitor. Our clients´ room is located between two studios; therefore it is possible to watch two projects running parallel. The clients’ room special equipment enables sound transmission or simultaneous translation into comfortable wireless headphones or into our speaker system. Special recording and projecting device can be used for zooming in on details, showing of tested materials, video recording and also for on-line live transmission via globally recognized standard FocusVision technology. Thanks to the direct viewing of discussions it is possible to be in touch with the moderator and react with additional questions to the development of the discussion.