Central location / In-hall tests (CLT)

  • Central location tests are held in a studio rented in particular area. Respondents „from the street“ chosen by advance determined criteria are invited to these studios by interviewers. Each respondent is interviewed individually in accordance with pre-arranged query scheme. Interviewing is carried out separately so respondents cannot be influenced by each other. The room is divided e.g. by screens in several sections. The interviewers can be controlled by a ppm factum expert who moderates a test.
  • Over 250 CLT trained interviewers are available now. The test is not as deep as Focus Groups but can be conducted with higher number of respondents. The character of the test also allows wider usage of open questions and presentation of various audio-visual materials. Both promptness and the possible control of interviewers are the benefits of CLT.
  • We organize CLT in Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Liberec, Ostrava, Tábor, České Budějovice, Plzeň, Karlovy Vary etc. We can conduct CLT in several places at the same time due to the location of our trained and reliable coordinators.