Mystery shopping

  • Mystery Shopping is fictitious purchase of products or services in client‘s outlets – i.e. retailers, providers of services, catering services, financial institutions etc.  Just as In-Store interviewing, Mystery Shopping can be conducted in other places. Special case can be Mystery phone call, /e.g. fictitious enquiry/ or Mystery mailing /on line enquiries on services/.
  • Mystery Shopping is optimal way to get in observed units and evaluate background and especially staffs’ availability and behavior to the customers. It is not focused on customers and their behavior but on the contrary it observes a seller or provider of services. Mystery shopping is carried out by special trained interviewers/evaluators.
  • Interviewers act like real common customers during the fictitious purchases. They observe pre-determined criteria such as the waiting time for being served by any of the shop assistants, their willingness to give some information etc. The found information including interviewer’s own remarks and assessment are written down in prepared recording sheet. ppm factum as an independent research agency conforms to the strict ethic rules concerning this method and the objective and unprejudiced Mystery Shopping is guaranteed.