Description of CAPI

  • ppm factum provides Computer Aided Personal Interviewing through its own interviewers in all regions of the Czech Republic.
  • Till these days we‘ve trained 130 interviewers, specialists to CAPI
  • Interviewers use portable computers with accordant screen size for high-quality visuals testing (15,6“) or 8" display sized tablets running on Windows 8 platform

Adherence to quality

One of the main principles of ppm factum is an adherence to the principles of ethical codes and standards of quality.

  • Interviewers pass by entry training and training focused on specific aspects of the implementation of CAPI interviews (communication with respondents, technical aspects, recording answers to open questions, etc.)
  • Attention is also paid to the ethic principles of the questioning in accordance with ICC/ESOMAR codex, importance of a specific compliance of technical research procedure as well as the reason and goals of a market research and a public opinion research.
  • We insist on keeping an ethic policy of research, a guarantee of credibility and a questioning anonymity.

Realization and controlling

  • The interviewers are trained regularly and instructed to every single research (how to select respondents, difficult passages in the questionnaire, etc.)
  • Monitoring of continuous results (both in terms of variability of the data collected and comprehensiveness of answers to open questions) is made periodically and validity of filling data is controlled automatically
  • Controlling of interviewers is done by telephone, respondents are contacted by electronic way or mail.