CATI studio

  • ppm factum cooperates at CATI with Data Collect agency.
  • CATI studio offers 50 fully equipped stations for interviews and uses NIPO software, which allows comfortable realization of all the projects.
  • We provide complex client service.
  • Data Collect is a member of Esomar  - international association of marketing research professionals.

Operators are trained specially for market research projects. It guarantees quality of interviewing (operators can better write down open questions, they are able to stimulate respondents to answer, stimulate their attention,…)

Basic information

  • From special client‘s rooms you can control the process of interviewing whenever you want.
  • Interviewers are trained regularly and instructed to every single project

Controls of interviewers are made constantly

  • by supervisors
  • by NIPO software and its automatic filters
  • CATI interviewers are continuously trained and monitored