Online panel

Description of on-line panel of respondents (valid for Czech & Slovak Republics)

  • ppm factum research cooperates at on-line interviews with Data Collect agency.
  • On-line panel works on principle of rewards. Respondents complete a questionnaire and receive points that can be used in selected department stores.
  • Data Collect is a member of Esomar - international association of marketing research professionals.

We also have information which services providers our respondents use (such as banking or telecommunications providers, as well as type of car, etc). It allows to interview more specific target groups.

Basic information

  • There are 36.000 active panel members/respondents in the Czech on-line panel.
  • There are 12.000 active respondents in the Slovak on-line panel.
  • Natural replacement of respondents in panel is ca 15 % per year. At the same time with this natural changes there runs continuous recruitment.

Respondents are recruited to panel via different channels:

  • personally during ppm factum omnibus interviews
  • by CATI
  • by direct mail
  • based on recommendation – „snow-ball effect“
  • on-line invitations on special websites
  • from legal database of providers

  • Respondents are interviewed once a month in average but not more often than twice in a month in case of the same topic of ad-hoc research, same respondent can be invited just once in three months. In case of tracking project among general population, the same respondent can be interviewed after 9 months from the last wave (more common after 1 year, according to clients request). In case of special target groups is this period specified and confirmed by the client.

Information about respondents in panel:

  • demography: sex, age, education, family status, region
  • socio-economic situation: economic activity, working position, employer (sector, company size), household status (according to income, buying process), personal monthly net income
  • household: number of members, number of children up to 18 years, monthly net income of household, type of house/flat, items in household, brand of main car in household
  • lifestyle
  • usage of product and services:
    • telco: mobile operator, cable television,…
    • utilities: electricity suppliers, gas,…
    • finance: used products, banks, insurance companies,…