Qualitative studio

Within qualitative research we organize both individual interviewing and focus groups discussions.

  • In-Depth Interview (individual in-depth exploration): is based on individual interviewing and enables close interaction between the interviewer and the respondent. It is relevant to obtain information on specific or hard to reach target groups and for B2B segment.  In the context of exploration there are used in addition to direct questions also specific psychological approaches and techniques when appropriate.
  • Focus Group Discussion: It is a group process, whose most advantage is the participants’ interaction and their mutual reaction. In addition to direct questions are also used specific psychological practices and techniques, that allow to penetrate further beyond a boundary of conscious and therefore verbal aspects’ attitudes, emotions and needs.  

Further, a series of special techniques, which are sewn to suit a specific task. These include ethnographic methods, online group discussions, multisensory marketing research, and more.

Modern facilities for qualitative research in ppm factum research

  • Our client´s room allows comfortable observation of discussions and interviews. It is equipped with special technical device which allows you to not only watch what is happening in front of the mirror, but zooming each detail of the room according to the observer´s needs. Of course there is also the possibility of listening to the simultaneous translation.
  • Both in the interviewing and the client´s room there are large screen TVs available that allow us to present (and watch) just tested materials.

We are proud of our modern studio based in Prague

  • Thanks to the client´s room location between the two interviewing rooms two FGDs / IDIs can be running in parallel and monitored directly.